“My husband and I looked for a year to find a house that ticked all our boxes. While we were looking we watched a gorgeous house being built up the street from a friends house. After a year of looking on the house market and having no luck we decided building our own was the way to go and immediately we tracked down the architect of the house we had watched being built. We learned his name was Dan Raymond and we set up a chat. 

Straight away we liked him. Dan was approachable, down to earth and even though my husband and I have zero architectural talent between us he never once treated us as such. He listened to what we wanted and what styles we liked and he took our very basic floor plan idea we’d given him and turned it into a gorgeous, yet completely functional house. What is more, he never seemed to be upset if we declined an idea he had and he always seemed enthusiastic about our ideas. 

While we had a reasonable budget for the design and build of our house it was by no means endless and Dan always considered this in his plans. He never suggested anything that was out of our league and he always had less expensive options to suggest should we not feel comfortable with anything.

Dan recommended our builder to us and while we got quotes from others we ended up using the builder Dan had suggested.  We continued to employ Dan throughout the building of our house. While this was an additional cost it was well worth it. Dan had a great rapport with the builder and was regularly on site discussing aspects of the job with both the builder and with us. 

We are so very happy with the way our house has turned out and are so happy we chose Dan to design it for us. The floor plan and spaces are just what we wanted and the finishing details that my husband and I would have never thought of are truly gorgeous and finish the house perfectly. Our friends are full of admiration for it and some of our new neighbours and people walking past have approached us to tell us how much they love it. 

People often tell you horror stories from their first ever build. We don’t have any such stories. Dan was always polite, approachable, he listened to what we wanted, respectively steered us away from bad ideas of our own and was patient. Briana (who runs the ‘behind the scenes’ for Dan) was always polite and professional but friendly in all her emails. We would both highly recommend Daniel Raymond Architect to anyone who is looking to build a beautiful house.”


Charlotte and Chris Corbett

“With a working relationship spanning over 10 years, I have been drawn to rama’s passion for design & interior style.

dan and tom have a unique ability to work their ideas into a design to suit client briefs and continue maintaining the end vision throughout the construction process.

They are always willing to discuss incorporating new construction methods to maintain a focus on superior build quality. 

It has been pleasure working together to bring these concepts to life. 
rama has become my recommended Architectual office.”

Glen Carter


Waterview Constructions P/L

“We purchased an original 1950s cottage on Avalon Parade, Avalon. Considering what we wanted for our house our budget was tight. 

We discussed a few different designs with Dan, whether we keep the original character, build a pavilion to attach to the house etc etc. Dan went away and thought about the project and thought about us as a family. He came back to us with something totally different to what we had in mind and what was around the local area, but simple to build so it would fit within our budget.

We are now living in a house that we love and suits us perfectly as a family. There are very few things we would change if we could do the project again, we are happy we spent so much time going over plans and thinking and re-thinking. Dan specified everything in the house and on the site. This lead to a very straight forward building process, if the builder had questions he phoned Dan and they resolved them either on the phone or Dan meeting onsite.  

Dan cares deeply for his projects and has exceptional taste and attention to detail. He is really easy going and fun to work with. 

You could absolutely trust him to have your best interests in mind whilst you are overseas. He is extremely proud of his work and dedicated to obtaining the perfect outcome for his clients.

I would absolutely use Dan again.”

Kate Spencer