rama is a multi-disciplinary design team led by daniel raymond and thomas martin specialising in architecture

our vision is to create beautiful spaces and timeless architecture that give people an enhanced sense of well-being 

our mission is to build meaningful relationships with like-minded clients and collaborate with expert consultants and builders to achieve our vision

we guarantee to listen to our clients requirements and desires

we guarantee to provide expert guidance and transfer of knowledge throughout the process.

we guarantee precise documentation, clear communication and dedication to the final outcome

we provide full architectural services from conception through to completion, including; 

concept design

developed design and planning approval

tender documentation and negotiation

construction documentation

contract administration

our core values include;

clear communication

commitment to a creative process & innovative design

attention to detail

Honesty and dedication

our design design principles;


Functionality of space

A connection to Landscape

Ecologically Sustainable Design

Harnessing of natural light

Scale & Proportion

Expression of Structural integrity

Use of natural materials